Structure of seminar work

The seminar paper has different assignments, but its structure requirements are usually uniform: introduction, theoretical background, practical part, conclusion. These four basic chapters can be supplemented by a list of resources used, or a list of images, tables and graphs (if there are more of these objects) and automatically generated work content.

The introduction should be an input to the issue.

The student can write here quite broadly about what areas of his / her topic are related, what his / her theme influences, it should be clear from the text that the topic is serious and topical. In the introduction, the goal of the whole work should always be formulated and it is appropriate to state how the work will be conceived – what will be the content of individual chapters, what will be the methodology. The length of the introduction should be adapted to the length of the whole work, approximately 1 to 2 pages is ideal, less is sufficient for shorter work (about 5 pages).

The following is the theoretical part of the seminar work, which is a summary of current professional approaches to the topic. There should be defined basic concepts, defined important terms, explained all areas and patterns, which will be further worked in the practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis should be based on citations and paraphrases, possibly accompanied by their own examples or opinions of the author. It is appropriate to divide the text into sub-chapters and paragraphs.

The practical part is usually crucial for the whole seminar work.

The author should prove here that he can apply the collected theoretical background in practice. The information should be clearly presented in the form of tables or graphs, properly commented and justified.

However, the most important part of the seminar paper is the conclusion – the evaluator puts most emphasis on it. It should summarize the entire content of the seminar paper – what was its goal, what was found, what was found out, what measures for practice can be formulated on the basis of the seminar paper, for whom it could be beneficial, etc. the introduction, on average, should have 1 to 2 pages.